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There have been female Dominatrix for many years well before the popular books and movies of Fifty Shades of Gray featuring Christian Gray and his willing subservient Anastasia Steele, and here at Naughty Milf’s we have kinky Croydon dominatrix who know all about this erotic and demanding sexual deviance, I would like you to meet Mistress Sasha a stunningly sexy platinum blonde who now’s all about the fantasy world of dominance, bondage, flogging and other bizarre fetishes, as soon as you step into her dungeon a cold shiver will run down your spine as you lay eye’s on your mistress Sasha, a Croydon based now’s all about this kinky perversion and how to get the most from her male subservient, now some people say that sex has nothing what so ever to do with dominatrix, what a load of tosh, yes there are a lot of guy’s who love to be dominated by strong willed females showing them their submissive side but they also get turned on by seeing their mistress in tight leather, PVC and also outfits with stockings and suspenders so they can fuck them.

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